Make the most out of your Discovery Call and help us do our best for you by reading this!

What Happens on a Discovery Call?

  • We talk about your goals for your pet and make sure we’re a good fit for your needs! 

  • We answer your questions about training with us and what kinds of solutions might work for your dog or cat.

  • Based on your goals for your pet, we’ll recommend either a Behavior Consultation, a Training Consultation, or a visit to a Veterinary Behaviorist. 

  • We email you after the call with a summary of the what we recommended, and if you’re ready to sign up, we’ll send along scheduling options, too!

Tell Me About Consultations and Programs!

  • Consultations are a single session of 1.5 to 2 hours and include our time together, a Training Plan emailed to you, communication with your vet, and 2 months of phone and email support.
      • We have both Virtual and In Person consults available! We’ll let you know which would be best for your pet on our call.
      • Virtual Consults may be available Monday through Friday, starting from 9:30 am to 6:00 pm.
      • Our consultations helps us make a recommendation for a follow-up program, if needed.
  • Foll0w-Up Programs are usually between 1 and 5 sessions, and all include a Training Plan after each session, communication with your vet, and lifetime phone and email support. They’re about an hour long each time.

      • Program sessions generally take place weekly or every other week, depending on what behaviors we are working on.

      • Program sessions are available Monday to Thursday. 

      • Our earliest session is 10 am and latest is 5 pm.

      • You can also have sessions at a park, dog-friendly store or restaurant, or other dog-friendly location. We’re happy to train wherever you need your dog to be able to respond to you!

      • Once you’ve completed a program, you always have the option of adding additional session(s). We’re here for email and phone support, too!

What Kinds of Training Methods Do You Use?

  • We’re all about smart, kind, effective methods that you can feel good about! We use rewards, games, patterns, smart management, and other methods that are recommended by Veterinary Behaviorists and leading, science-based dog training organizations. We strive to use the most effective and most humane methods for you and your dog’s individual needs. (And we’re shame-free, no matter what you’ve tried in the past, it’s okay! We know you’re doing your best for your dog!)

  • You can read more about our training qualifications here.