Behavior Programs

Private sessions to help you bring out your dog’s best. We’ll coach you through each step of the way.

Our Behavior Programs empower you to help your dog.

When it comes to behavior challenges, a dog’s guardian is often their most effective trainer. That’s why we coach you! We help you set your dog (and yourself) up for success. More joy, less stress! Here’s what our programs include:

One-on-One Sessions

Meet in the comfort of your own home. (Or virtually!) Our programs include between 3 and 8 sessions. We’ll chat about which program might be the best fit for your goals during your Discovery Call.

A Smart, Compassionate Coach

We’re warm, thoughtful coaches. We support you and help you make smart decisions. Plus, we’re really great at what we do! You can read about our behavior & training credentials here.

A Do-Able Training Plan

Life is busy! We help you choose steps that work for your life. Many of our training games only take 30 seconds to 2 minutes every other day. (There’s stuff that takes longer, too, and we help you figure out how to make it do-able!)

Lifetime Support

Whether you need a quick email answer or a supportive call, we’ve got you. Health and behavior can affect each other a whole lot, so we keep in touch with your vet to set everyone up for success!

Ready to get started?

The first step to working with us is a Discovery Call

What Can We Work On?

Our favorite pets have Big Feelings! We specialize in helping dogs and cats who are fearful, anxious, aggressive, or easily stimulated. Here are some of the most common behaviors we help with:

Leash reactivity: Pulling, lunging, barking at people or dogs on leash

Fearfulness and/or aggression to people: Including family, friends, or strangers

Fears and anxieties: Generalized or specific to places, objects, people, or situations

Resource guarding: Growling, snapping, and/or biting when they have something they value

Aggression between dogs: In the house or out in the world

Separation anxiety: Vocalizing, elimintating, and/or destroying things when left alone

Need help with basic obedience, manners, or puppy stuff? We can work on those, too!


Availability & Pricing

Sessions are available 10 AM to 5 PM, Monday to Thursday.

Consults start at $250 and Full Programs start at $840. Payment plans available. Some pet insurance companies cover our services.

Check out Chance’s Success Story!

Chance had some Big Feelings about people coming over his house. He would sometimes aggress at guests; stressful for him and his people! (You’ll only see small feelings in this video, as we never instigate dogs aggressing or being scared. That can make things worse!)

Chance’s Behavior Plan included a Visitor Routine so he and his people knew what to do when people came over, a couple fun games to help him feel more positively about guests, and a relaxation protocol (Yes, you really can teach your dog to relax on cue!).

Where We Work

Phone Consults and virtual training available to anyone, anywhere!

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