Training Helpline

For when you want to talk to a pet professional.

What Are Helpline Calls?

Get your pet training and behavior questions answered on these 30 minute Helpline calls. This is your time to ask whatever is on your mind and get professional-level advice, without needing to sign up for a full consultation.

Is This the Right Option for Me?

The Helpline is a great choice for any of the following:

  • I have questions or ideas I want to bounce off of a professional.
  • General puppy training questions
  • Newly adopted dog or cat questions
  • I want to try basic advice first before investing in a full consultation. 
  • I’m not sure I can keep my dog or cat due to their behavior, and I want compassionate coaching to help me explore options and make the best choice.

Availability & Pricing

Available 9 AM to 7 PM Monday – Thursday. Fridays by request.

Our Helpline can be booked for 30 minutes at $45.

If cost would be a barrier for you, please email, as we have scholarships available.

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