Our Training Philosophy

We believe in more joy and less stress for both you and your pet. We believe in do-able training plans that fit your life. We get you there with training methods that are smart, kind, and effective.

Looking for training that won’t change the personality of the pet you love? Our coaching helps you bring out their best while honoring who they are and what they need. Looking for a trainer who won’t make you feel badly for whatever you have (or haven’t) tried already? We’re here to support you, never shame you. We’ll guide you through the info you need to make smart choices for you and your pet.

We use and recommend training methods that are supported by Veterinary Behaviorists and leading, science-based dog training organizations. 

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Meet Our Team

Liz MacHaffie

Owner, Behavior Consultant

  • MS Clinical Animal Behavior, University of Lincoln, England
  • BA BDIC Animal Behavior, University of Massachusetts
  • CPDT-KA certified through the Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers
  • Founder of the Triangle Area Dog Trainer’s Assocation, a professional development group for over 140 local dog trainers and behavior consultants

My goal is to bring people and pets more joy and less stress! When you work with me, you can expect compassionate, practical coaching and kind, science-based recommendations.

My education level is one of the very highest you can find for dog and cat behavior. It means you’re getting top-notch, humane help. I’ve earned a Master’s degree in dog and cat behavior. (And a Bachelor’s in Animal Behavior.) I keep up-to-date with lots of continuing education, too!

I created Animal Insight for people, not just pets! You deserve compassion and understanding just as much as your dog or cat does. I love working with clients who want to feel more confident in their training skills as well as experienced owners and fellow training pros who want to take their skills to the next level.

I train with my own dogs for UpDog games, disc freestyle, musical freestyle, and Rally-FrEe. We’ve earned Trick Dog titles, a Cooperative Care Certificate, Canine Good Citizen certificates, and a therapy dog certification!

When I’m not working, you can find me rock climbing, hiking, paddleboarding, making chocolates, playing tabletop and video games, or doing some dog photography!

Amy Crouch

Trainer, Behavior Consultant

  • Karen Pryor Academy Certified Training Partner

My goal is to set you and your dog up for success and to provide you with the most fulfilling relationship possible.

I especially love helping dogs with fears, frustrations and reactivity find healthy ways to get their needs met. I bring creativity and empathy into our problem solving.

Bully breeds hold a special place in my heart. I’m passionate about working with bully owners in order to help these tenacious and sweet souls find joy and blossom into confident, loving members of their families.

I completed the Karen Pryor Academy to earn my KPA-CTP certification. This is a rigorous training program designed to complement my hands-on experience training for hundreds of hours with dozens of different breeds. I’m also ready to get my CPDT-KA in the Fall.

Both my dogs have earned Canine Good Citizen titles and are working on Trick Dog titles. I love to hike with my Bernese Mountain Dog, Sam, and bully, Gibbs, and can often be found daydreaming about the mountains of NC.


Cal Corona


  • Accredited Dog Trainer through IAABC

My goal is to help bring harmony and cooperation to your relationship with your dog, so you can grow together as a team. Reliable and a creative problem solver;  I use my skills to help you ease the stress of behavior challenges for your whole family.

I love connecting with high-energy, high-drive, often high-needs dogs and helping them find success with their people. A guardian of six dogs myself, I can help you reign in the chaos and bring peace to your multi-dog household, too.

I’ve earned my ADT from the IAABC, an internationally recognized dog training accreditation.

When I’m not helping people and their dogs, I can be found training my own dogs for Rally, Agility, IGP, or detection work!


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