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Whether you want help with a tough case or to refer to us, we got you! For trainers, shelter & rescue staff, and more!

Peer Behavior Helpline

Need some trusted, professional-level feedback on your case? (Or your own pet?) A Peer Consultation with Liz might be a big help!

We offer 30 minute or 1 hour consultations. (Virtual or phone call, your pick!) Your colleague, Liz MacHaffie, has a Masters degree in Clinical Animal Behavior, is a CPDT-KA, and has been working in the field for over 15 years. (She's compassionate and won't make you feel badly for what you have or haven't tried, either!)

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Behavior Workshops for Your Business

Empower your staff with professional, useful presentations and workshops! Help them brush up on important training/behavior info for their jobs, get bitten less often, and impress clients. We offer one free presentation per year for local pet businesses! (And we’re available to hire for more.)

Interested? Just fill out our contact form at the top of the page, or email Liz directly at

Popular Topics

Dog Body Language: Learn to read dog body language like a behaviorist. Help educate (and impress!) your clients, reduce bites among staff and conflicts between daycare dogs, and feel like you have superpowers.

Low Stress Handling Workshop: Looking for ways to reduce stress for the pets in your care? (And your team members?) We’ll walk you through some easy, do-able steps you can consider. Great for boarding facilities, doggie daycares, and shelters.

Puppy Training Triage: Learn the latest and greatest advice to help your clients with their new pups! Be prepared with easy, practical recommendations and ways to guide owners away from the most common puppy-raising mistakes. Help your staff make smart choices for the pups in your care.

Dog (and Cat!) Behavior Q&A: The team can bring their behavior questions, including questions on Fear Free handling for the clinic, dog play, training or behavioral triage advice for clients, questions about their own pets, etc.

Dog Play: What’s healthy and okay? What’s not? And what can you do about it? (We love to analyze short videos of your own daycare dogs playing together for this one!)


How to Refer a Client

Give your client our web address for the easiest way for them to be in touch! They can fill out a Contact Form and we’ll be in touch promptly. (We know behavior places can be busy, and we are proud to get back to clients by the end of the next business day!)

Want it even easier? Let us know you’d like some business cards, and we’ll be happy to drop them by your clinic! You can fill out the form at the top of the page or email Liz directly at

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What Can We Help With?


Our favorite pets have Big Feelings! We specialize in helping dogs and cats who are fearful, anxious, aggressive, or easily stimulated. Here are some of the most common behaviors we help with:

Leash reactivity: Pulling, lunging, barking at people or dogs on leash

Fearfulness and/or aggression to people: Including family, friends, or strangers

Fears and anxieties: Generalized or specific to places, objects, people, or situations

Resource guarding: Growling, snapping, and/or biting when they have something they value

Aggression between dogs or cats: In the house or out in the world

Separation-related behaviors: Destructiveness, house soiling, vocalizing, and more.

Feline house soiling: A Behavior Consult Call is a great way to troubleshoot this problem for cats who have no medical causes for the behavior, or for whom medical causes have been resolved.

And of course, basic obedience, manners, and puppy skills!

Cases that should be referred to a DACVB:

Compulsive behaviors, severe behaviors that are not responding to first or second line medication trials.

We know and respect our limits, and we want the best for people and pets.