Behavior Helpline

For when you just want to talk to a professional.

What Are They?

A 1.5 to 2 hour virtual call where we learn more about your pet and help you start a Behavior Plan. These are the very same consultations we recommend after a Discovery Call or Email. (You’re just skipping the call/emails!) These are great for leash reactivity, aggression, anxiety, fears and phobias, and more! (Only looking for basic obedience and manners? Start with a Discovery Call or Form instead!)

Is a Virtual Behavior Consultation for Me?

They’re a great choice if any of these apply to you:

  • I want to get started on my pet’s behaviors ASAP! Whether it’s one session or a full program.
  • Life is too busy and/or expensive for a full Program right now, and I want to get as much great help as I can with one big session
  • I’m not sure I can keep my dog or cat due to their behavior, and I want compassionate coaching to help me explore options and make the best choice.

What Do We Talk About?

Your Pet's Behavior & Your Goals

This helps us make our best recommendations. (We recommend sending us video prior to your call, too!)

Management Steps You Can Take Right Away

To help your dog or cat and prevent behaviors from progressing. Management steps are usually simple and make a BIG difference in reducing stress for everyone.

Training Steps or an Example Training Plan

For small/simple behavior concerns, we’ll go over exactly what training to do! For the bigger stuff, we’ll give you an overview of the types of games, exercises, and other strategies we most often recommend for pets like yours. That way, if a full Behavior Program is in your future, you can know what to expect. (And even get started on the first parts of training!)

Recommendations for Next Steps

We’ll let you know what steps we’d recommed next. This might include simple training you can do on your own, an in-home Behavior Program with us (or another trainer), and/or a visit to your vet or a Veterinary Behaviorist. (If you’re not sure whether keeping your pet is sustainable or safe, this is also where we’ll guide you through the factors that are most helpful to consider.)

Availability & Pricing

Available 9 AM to 7 PM Monday – Thursday. Fridays by request.

Our No-Frills Behavior Helpline can be booked for 30 minutes at $45 (little stuff!) or 60 minutes at $85 (bigger stuff!). If cost would be a barrier for you, please email, as we have scholarships available. 

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