Family members returning to work or school in person can be a big change for our dogs. Here are our top tips in hopes of making this transition easier for everyone!

Change your daily routine in advance

  • If you know a schedule change is coming, start transitioning your daily life with your dog a week or two ahead of time.
  • Feed, walk, and play with your dog at the new times that will fit around your schedule.
  • If you’ll be making use of daycare or a dog walker, let’s get them started. It’s important not to wait until you go back to work.

Regularly leave your dog home alone

Haven’t been leaving your dog home alone much? They need practice before being left alone for an extended period.

Start with short separations. Go for a walk without your pup or run to the store. Can’t get the kids out of the house? Shut their doors so that they are less likely to interact. Gradually make some of your departures longer.

Brush up on your dog’s crate training

If your dog needs to be crated when alone, get them reacquainted to their crate.

Crate training should be gradual and built on success! If your dog is panicking, try shorter departures. (Monitor your pup via webcam to see how they do!)

The crate should be a positive place: Try leaving your dog with an enrichment toy stuffed with canned food or another favorite, low-fat treat. (You can even freeze
it to last longer!)

Make your dog’s life awesome when you are home!

Work and school mean we’re busy, but we can still provide our pups with a fulfilling life!

Schedule regular activities to fulfill your dog’s need for exercise, play, attention from you, and socialization. Some possibilities: Try new routes on your walks or go to a new park, schedule playdates with other friendly dogs, train new tricks for fun, or get involved in a dog sport!

If your dog is having a hard time with schedule changes or separation anxiety, we’re here to help! Email your trainer for more 🙂