Management helps us reduce how often our dog practices unwanted behaviors and keeps everyone safer! Here are our top recommendations for managing resource guarding from human family members:

  • Reduce or stop giving your dog high-value things until you’ve started to address it with a behavior change plan.

    • Give high-value things in a safe location, such as a crate or other place where humans can’t accidentally bother them.

    • Provide faster/less-messy-to-consume things to reduce risk. Rather than a crunchy treat that may create crumbs, give a semi-moist treat that goes right down!

  • Use a safe method to retrieve objects when needed:

    • Hansel & Gretel (Leave a trail of cookies to move your dog into a room or behind a gate and then toss a handful in there, close the door/gate, and then go get the item.

    • Invite your dog to go in the car or for a walk. While the dog is out, have a second person remove the object or otherwise secure the dog so you can go put it away.

    • Trade for something else that’s really awesome! (Offer the trade on the floor, at least 6-8 feet away from the dog. This method should not be used for dogs who show any signs of frustration or rushing back toward the object.)

  • No pressure! When your dog has things they enjoy, avoid being in their space, and especially avoid reaching for them or the object. This can make things worse instead of better, until you’re working on your training for it.

If you have additional concerns or questions, let your consultant know and we’ll be happy to help!