Recommended Brands

Which harness is best really depends on your dog’s body shape and what you feel comfortable with. Our favorite front-clip harnesses are:

  • The Freedom Harness by 2HoundsDesign
  • 3-in-1 Harness by PetSafe
  • Balance Harness by Blue9

Fitting a Front-Clip Harness

Choose a harness where the chest strap sits high on your dog’s chest. It should sit at or above your dog’s breastbone. (If you feel your dog’s chest, you’ll feel a big knobbly bit right in the center. This is their breastbone.) This helps reduce (or eliminate) any changes to your dog’s gait from wearing it. You want them to have a full, normal stride.

Here’s a well-fit harness! This nugget has full range of motion in his shoulders when we walks

Here’s a harness with the chest strap too low! (Don’t worry, we got it sorted 🙂 ) See how it could interfere with this dog’s ability to move her front legs?

Last but not least, here’s a quiz!