Here are some of our favorite ways to provide dogs with the stimulation they need, with or without traditional walks. Which of these might work for you and your dog?

  • Playtime with you in your backyard (No fence? How about on a long line?)
    • Tug, fetch, Flirt Pole chasing, or frisbee! There’s something for every dog!
  • Trick training: Mental and physical stimulation in one! One of our favorites and SO many possibilities. We incorporate tricks into many dogs’ behavior plans!
  • Visiting the fenced-in yard of a friend or neighbor: How about a standing date?
  • Scentwork games: Hide kibble, treats, or even play with official scentwork oils.
  • Shredding!: Cardboard boxes, egg cartons, paper grocery bags, etc. (For dogs not prone to ingesting them!)
  • Eating part or all of a meal from Feeding Enrichment Toys
    • Kong Wobbler, Kongs, Gnawt-a-Rock, Tricky Treat Ball, etc.
  • Sniffaris: At home on a long line or somewhere else triggers aren’t likely to show up. Great opportunity for you to listen to your favorite music or podcast.
  • One-on-One playdates with dog friends: If your dog has one or two dog friends, can they get together more often? Is your dog a candidate to make a dog friend? (Some dogs are, and some dogs find other dogs more stress than fun!)
  • Renting a private fenced dog area: Check out SniffSpot for your nearest spots.
  • Agility for fun: Set up jumps and/or tunnels in your yard (or even indoors for small dogs). Rent a local doggie playroom with agility obstacles. Take lessons with a local trainer who offers private agility sessions.
  • Digging in a doggie sandbox: Some dogs LOVE to dig! Provide them with their own kiddie sandbox and hide toy or food treasures in it for them to find.