Your yard is a doggie Disneyland of sights and scents! If you call your dog, close her inside and (unintentionally) ignore her as you go about your human business, she may quickly change her mind about coming in when you call.
You can help your dog start to come inside more readily by teaching her that coming indoors means good stuff happens to her!
  • With your dog on leash to start if needed, begin calling her, bringing her in, and immediately providing a reward.
  • The reward could be anything she enjoys, including:
    • A new toy or favorite toy
    • A short playtime
    • A short training session, with easy behaviors or tricks she already knows
    • Mealtime!
    • A treat
  • Once she’s is coming inside very willingly on leash, you can start to call her in without her leash on.
  • Try and provide some kind of reward for this consistently even once she’s doing great (She’s doing great because you’re making it worth her effort!). Choose something your dog enjoys that works well for you, too!
Need some extra tips or troubleshooting? Let us know and we’ll help you out!