Finding the right muzzle for your dog can take a little time and research, but it’s well worth it to have a comfortable, happy, safer dog!

What kind of muzzle should I get?

We recommend a basket muzzle, which allows your dog to pant, drink, and take treats while wearing it!
If your dog will only be wearing the muzzle for a few minutes (say, for a nail trim or short vet exam), it should be big enough for them to open their mouth comfortably. (Like the example above.)
If your dog will need to wear the muzzle for extended periods (during playtimes, around the house for an hour, on long walks, etc.), it should be big enough that they can fully open-mouth pant while wearing it.
Metal and leather muzzles are often heavier, but more biteproof. Biothane and other plastic muzzles tend to be lighter (and a good choice for dogs who are not delivering severe bites).

What are some popular brands?

Different muzzle brands and styles will fit different dogs best. Some popular ones are:
Khaos Collars: Biothane or leather, custom sizing and colors
Trust Your Dog: Biothane or vinyl (biteproof), custom sizing and colors
Full Grip Supply: Two sizes for small/medium dogs, economical, lightweight
D&T Freedom: Bitproof, metal, great panting room
Jafco: Biteproof, vinyl
Baskerville Ultra muzzles are also very popular, but they are not biteproof and are only suitable for dogs wearing their muzzle for a few minutes.

I’d like some extra help!

A fantastic resource for recommendations and research is the website Muzzle Training and Tips. (They even have a very, very cost-friendly fitting service to help you choose a muzzle for your dog.)
You can also email me directly with your dog’s measurements and the muzzle(s) you’re considering for a second pair of eyes!